Star Wars Episode 1 1/2

A Deadly Interception


Star Wars: Episode 1 1/2 takes place after episode 1 but before episode 2 when Anakin is 12 years old.   

Anakin Skywalker and Obiwan Kenobi, master and apprentice are on a mission to Kashyyyk when something goes terribly wrong.  The sith lord Darth Sideous shoots down their ship in attempt to kidnap Anakin.  His plan succeeds when Obiwan is knocked unconscious as their ship crashes on Onderon.  Flying lightyears away, Darth Sideous brings Anakin to Earth.  Anakin is brainwashed to loose all memory of his Jedi training so he can begin anew.  But this time he has a new master, Darth Sideous. 

Training goes as planned without anyone to disrupt them on Earth.  That is, until Sideous tries to teach him the ways of the dark side.  In fear, Anakin tries to escape. 

But meanwhile, Darth Sideous has a new enemy; a jedi is sent to earth.  Watch out Ona Zander.

Other characters aslo have their part in Episode 1 1/2-

A mysterious Jedi Commander on Coruscant commands Jedi like Ona Zander and Sheek Tiani to Earth.

A bounty hunter in league with Sideous also proves a dangerous threat to Anakin.

A certain Sith makes a reappearance...

And many fierce lightsaber battles lead to a final climactic conclusion.


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